Monochrome Landscapes (2004)

High-resolution images from the Ikonos and QuickBird satellites were purchased to display four vulnerable landscapes: a desert in Iraq, the rain forest in Cameroon, the tundra in Alaska, and the Atlantic Ocean, off Ghana at the 0 degrees longitude, and 0 degrees latitude. Printed at 40” x 84”, the images echoed a certain monochromatic Minimalism, but their production required investigative research and work with investigative journalists and non-governmental advocacy groups, and their political and ethical stakes were at once significant and not altogether self-evident. (“Architecture by Numbers,” Whitney Museum at Altria, New York, 2004)

“........Laura Kurgan’s digital satellite photographs of landscapes reduced to monochrome fields provide a glimpse of how transporting—both visually and conceptually—art based on digits can be.”

New Yorker, Goings on About Town, May 7, 2004, pg 18

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